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Guest Blog: Why The Awards Are Important To A Buyer...

Posted on August 11, 2017

Why are the awards are important from a buyer’s perspective?

2016 Innovation Winner – Island Records IPA

For me the answer to this question is a matter of awareness, perception and reputation.  Great brands don’t sell because they have a good price, big budgets or big ambitions.

Marketing is the shop window for outlets and consumers to understand a brand, feel connected and fall in love with the ethos.  These awards help raise the profile of a brand celebrate success and demonstrates its ability to invoke emotion and ultimately impulse to purchase.

On the night it’s a perfect opportunity to network and talk about the brands that have made it to the winners podium.  Prime example we spoke to Island Records at the awards, tasted the beer and within a year they were in Boutique Beers and have now secured a listing in Turtle Bay.  This would not have been possible without the awards.

The event is the chance to see what’s making the headlines, brands on the rise and take inspiration from the room who all have one thing in common making beer the first and last thing on peoples mind through the various channels that ultimately win the awards.

Having cider there this year just adds to the whole experience, a category that has gone unnoticed, unchanged for years, or so people think.  A huge amount of innovation and creativity has come hot off the (apple) press and its time we give it the praise it deserves.

For me these awards are a key event in the calendar for any marketer or buyer, having the chance to have so many brilliant minds in one room and the opportunity to discuss new possibilities is priceless.  I for one will be on the hunt for the next big thing, so if you see me come say hello over a beer or cider, more than likely both!


Justin Wylde –  Matthew Clark’s Category Manager for Beer, Cider & Soft Drinks

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