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Open Letter to The Drinks Industry

Posted on April 24, 2019

For five years now, we, that is Pete Brown (eminent and award-winning beer writer), Jo Miller and James Cuthbertson (industry professionals) have been growing the Beer and Cider Marketing Awards into what it is today: one of the most eagerly awaited, relaxed, social, fun and relevant Awards events in the drinks sector.

But the time has come for change. Not everything in life can be achieved with simple beer, sweat and tears.

The three of us, with the support of our fantastic sponsors and partners, have built the awards to their current level with no upfront investment, no media house behind it, no specialist awards team to manage it, and no major commercial ownership – just three people giving it what they can. The organic growth in terms of sponsorship, ticket sales and entries since our first event in 2014 has been astonishing.

But the time has come to acknowledge that we can’t take the Awards any further on our own.

We believe – we KNOW – that there is great potential still to be mined in these awards, in terms of growth in reach within the existing model as well as diversification. While we care passionately about what we’ve created and want to see that potential come to fruition, we realise we need to let go and flourish under different ownership, with greater resource than we can commit on our own.

How big could the Beer and Cider Marketing Awards get when integrated in a bigger company with expertise in the field? It’s not just about bolting this into a bigger business. There’s a spirit that needs to be maintained, a spirit that has made the event so unique. That’s why it’s about finding the right buyer, not just any buyer for us, and that’s why we’ve made the decision to go to market in this way.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the awards and how you could take them to new heights, perhaps we could chat over a beer? We hope to have notification of all interested parties by 14th May 2019. Please contact Pete, Jo and James on for more details.