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Beer & Cider Marketing Awards 2017

Posted on May 16, 2017


Marketing is often thought of as a dirty word in beer and cider, but every maker does it, even those who think they don’t.

A lot of marketing patronises its audience or clubs them over the head. Too much beer marketing is still appallingly sexist. And a lot of it is just rubbish.

That’s why we think it’s important to celebrate the good stuff. And that’s why we are back for our third year (and by popular demand including cider)!

Creativity doesn’t end with crafting that wine barrel-aged hibiscus saison. The best makers are also talented at packaging it in a way that makes you notice it, and telling you about it in an interesting way. Twenty years ago, beer brands were built on the back of entertaining TV ads, and only big brands with big budgets could afford to do them. But now, people get to know brands through social media and at events too. Makers with no marketing department can get noticed just as much as those with millions to spend.

And with hundreds of new breweries opening every year, it’s getting both much harder and much more important to stand out.

The Beer Marketing Awards started in 2015 with a mission to celebrate the best in beer marketing, from craft to cask, from big lager to brewpub hop bomb, from TV to can art to Instagram. This year, the awards have expanded to include cider. Thanks as ever to our main partner Boutique Beers by Matthew Clark and our fantastic category sponsors who are key to the success of the event.

Brewers and cider makers and their agencies can enter the awards at and entries close on 26th June. The awards ceremony is on 21st September. We sold out in the first two years and the event is fast becoming the most popular networking event in the calendar due. We hope to see you there and please do book early.