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We've gone digital with our point of can you

Posted on September 12, 2018

How to Tell if Your Point of Sale is on the Bar.



Millions of point of sale kits are distributed by brands across the U.K. These kits are a vital part of running successful consumer activations. Getting them delivered is a trackable service but actually tracking the amount of kits being deployed, and ensuring that they are displayed correctly is virtually impossible…that is until now!


JP have developed a POS activation kit that enables brands to incentivise and reward managers and their teams via gamification. It encourages outlets to take the time to understand the promotion, the contents of the POS kits and show them best practice for smart deployment.


How does it work?

Each POS kit is labelled with a unique self activation code and details the staff incentive for taking part in the promotion. To activate the kit, all the staff need to do is scan a code from their camera and enter their unique code into their smartphone.

Once entered, the manager is shown a short video about the promotion and instructions about what is in the box and how the POS should be displayed in venue. After the video has been watched the manager is given a chance to play an instant win game to receive their prize. Prizes can include vouchers/physical prizes and even cash rewards paid directly to their account.

Our clever platform fully controls the allocation and distribution of winners and prizes. In addition we can add second chance prizes if managers snap a picture of their POS on display in the venue.

True Visibility.

All activity is recorded, for the first time ever you can see who has deployed the kit, who is using the kit and where necessary proactively encourage and assist the venues to get involved. Also, if you have a campaign that runs digitally it can be tracked by site allowing you to see how much activity each site is generating.



Be smart and give Al Hobson @ JustPeel a call on 01405 862963 or email: